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Vitality Coaching

“Kyle’s energy is infectious and a healing experience in itself, I left the session feeling empowered and very happy. The cleansing program he outlined for me has set me on a path that has been nothing short of life changing. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” TC

Kyle Vialli is one of Europe’s leading Vitality consultants. His unique specialty is a wide-spectrum comprehension of  vitality creation within the context of human physiology. Kyle’s focus is not just on the removal or dissolution of disease, it is on the creation of an advanced state of wellness, coherence and happiness.

“I was blown away by Kyle’s broad and profound understanding of my condition, and for the first time I felt that my predicament was really addressed. After having been afflicted by Psoriasis for over twenty years I am now free and alive thanks to Kyle!”  TA

Kyle has actively and successfully pioneered a highly-holistic wellbeing program that gets straight to the heart of the matter, the improvement of your vitality. Kyle’s wide ranging and truly holistic understanding of the human biosystem gives rise to an approachable program, designed to create a chain-reaction of vitality. Utilising an impressive array of systems, Kyle is free to construct the most appropriate personally tailored wellness plan. To get more insight into Kyle’s broad nutritional stance, you may see his article here.

“Kyle’s  past clients include many health practioners, television presenters, athletes, actresses, politicians, doctors and a number of CEO’s.”

Please see the list below to get an appreciation of the areas Kyle may  untilise in a consultation with you:

Allergy and Intolerances,


Beauty Building,

Body Building,

Biological Terrain Rebuilding,

Body Earthing Protocols,

Candida Regimens,

Cleansing and Detoxification,

Culturing and Fermentation,

Deficiency Diseases,


Digestion Rebuilding,

EMF Reduction Protocols,

Enzyme Therapy,

Fungal Diseases,

Genetic Typing,

Hair Regeneration,

Healthy House Planning,

Heavy Metal Cleanup,



Hormonal Balancing,

Hot and Cold Therapy,

Individualised Dieting,

Ingredient Digestibility and Pre-preparation,

Intestinal Cleansing and Repair,


Longevity Protocols,

Magnetic Therapy,

Metabolic Typing,

Natural Cosmetics,

Nutrition/Anti-Nutrition Principles,

Organ Regeneration,

Paleolithic/Ancestral Dieting,

Parasite Protocols,

Quantum Nutrition,

Raw and Living Food Principles,

Skin Regeneration,



Water and Hydration Optimisation,

Youthening Regimens,

Kyle Vialli

“Well, it’s been about 1 year since my consultation with you and I can say that in the last 4 weeks all my old complaints have gone. I’ve been juicing daily since our meeting. My digestion is so strong, I can now eat anything. My energy levels are higher, feel better, look better, more thought power etc. So I’d just like to say thankyou for the life changing knowledge. Juicing is now a permanent feature of my life and will always be. Now I am in this game I find it difficult to understand why more people don’t do it also.” -Mark Hamilton

The Vitality Services

Initial Vitality Consultation

Locations: Covent Garden, London (UK) & Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)


Kyle’s flagship coaching and consultation sessions, guide you to initiate the body’s natural healing, balancing and curative powers, regardless of your condition or symptoms. Kyle will develop a fast track program for your unique requirements using his comprehensive understanding of dietetics, digestion, food chemistry, detoxification, organ and bone strengthening, enzyme therapy, food pre-preparation, water, electrolytes, minerals and antagonists, anti-nutrients, lectins, and natural beauty.

This initial vitality consultation also includes a complete summary of what has been advised, including the all important vitality plan which will be emailed to you, 1-2 days after the coaching session. in addition, email support is available at no further cost, so that guidance is always available.

“After our Skype consultation almost 14 months ago when I was back in Jersey, my life has been turned around. The recommendations and guidance you gave me empowered me to such an extent that I almost couldn’t have imagined at one point. After spending approximately one month doing salt water flushing and using the robert gray pills you recommended, the psyllium/clay shakes and the topical clay/zinc face mask I have seen a 99 – 100% improvement in the [skin] condition and a resurgance in my normal confident self that was lost for so long.” -Andy Mangnall

Telephone/Skype Consultation

Location: Your Home


For those that cannot meet with Kyle physically, you can have a consultation from the comfort of your home – wherever you are in the World – via telephone or Skype. Kyle will simply call you at the allocated time. Payment must be made prior to this service by bank transfer or online Right Here.

For bookings or more information, please email Kyle on

Kyle Vialli

“Be the Vitality you wish to see in the World.”