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Kyle is currently writing his flagship book What in the World Am I Supposed to Eat?

You have probably been living on Jupiter if you haven’t noticed that nearly everyone is saying different things about Diet & Nutrition. Simply put: the underlying metabolism of an organism largely dictates which substances it will find nutritious and which it will find toxic. Yet, despite the simplicity of this statement, contentions around diet abound wherever we look. Different culinary camps vie for our attention; aimed, poised and ready, they seek to convince us that their particular dietary regimen is “the best”, “the original” or “the most fitting for mankind”. Meanwhile our society of foodies are totally confounded, often too mystified to wholeheartedly eat anything, we go home and dishearteningly eat everything.

What in the World Am I Supposed to Eat? is the eating man or woman’s Holy Grail, tantamount to a complete and practical treatment of what really matters when it comes to food and drink. With over five years in the making,  Kyle’s book is a pioneering and timely synthesis that travels the planet whilst breaking out into a clear and oftentimes surprising deconstruction of the key principles of nutrition. If you are contemplating ever eating again, or you are simply keen to see food and diet from a profoundly new perspective, this book is essential reading.


From the  Author’s Preface.

This book is not another diet prescription manual. I have no predetermined nutritional plan waiting to consume your life nor straitjacket your dietary destiny within its pages. If you are buying this book to have a long list of culinary ingredients dissected neatly by a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” column, you will be disappointed (even surprised, given one interpretation of the title) that I do not have one. In fact, in at least a few senses, I don’t mind what species of food you choose to eat, and for the most part I am promoting a surprising free rein in regards to your culinary choices. For starters, let us ponder the following fact: every human body is different! Despite their blatant similarities and distinguishing regularities, any given human body is an idiosyncratic, incredibly dynamic matrix of processes, subject to a seemingly endless constellation of biochemical influences. Thanks to what we now know of epigenetics, this is also true (though not to the same degree) for identical twins. For this reason alone, though I am sure there are many more reasons besides, the idea of proposing an “X diet” – a diet fitting for every last one of us, is, in my opinion, hopelessly misguided.

In my book (excuse the pun), freedom, particularly the freedom to choose and discover are sacrosanct. Of course, we all know that cultural, familial and psycho-emotional factors can gang up on us, making acts of culinary deviation at times challenging. Nevertheless, when such chains do ceremoniously loosen from our wrists, when we do experience that invigorating flutter of dietary freedom, I am hopeful that the draw to adventure will be innocently and joyfully embraced.

There will be plenty to get your teeth into in this book, regardless of where on the nutritional map you have (thus far) journeyed, though as fair warning, you may find that the terrain gets “curiouser and curiouser” as we progress. In What in the World Am I Supposed to Eat? I will present to you the 3 Dimensions of Nutrition. The 3 Dimensions of Nutrition is a name I coined to describe the three primary pillars that secretly underpin the art and science of good eating. Indeed, it is only through our breakdown of all 3 of these Dimensions that we can really get to grips with the fundamental principles that operate within Nutrition. That is what this book is really about – the underlying principles behind optimal eating! Not of the myriad methods for its execution (which as Emerson points out there are, well…, lots and lots), but of the algorithms that underpin it. It is about teaching people how to fish (so to speak), not about deciding what type of fish people should eat.

In the second half of this book, the 3 Dimensions of Nutrition are couched into the fray of a variety of dietary genres. Here, you will find dedicated chapters on fruitarianism, veganism, raw-veganism, vegetarianism, raw vegetarianism, and meat eating, with each section built around a vigorous appraisal – a comprehensive analyses of every diets’ strengths and potential pitfalls. In short, if you ever intend to eat or “guzzle down” again, I highly recommend you read this book, for what follows is a brand new and exciting exploration into the blueprints of good food and drink.

Coming 2018

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