Capers – Wild, Raw from Sicily, Preserved with Sicilian Sea Salt – 1kg (4 x 250g)

4 x 250g of the World's finest capers.

Raw, Wild, naturally organic capers handpicked on the beautiful Italian island of Sicily, preserved with nothing except the revered real Sicilian sea salt. Whereas almost all other capers are packed in cheap brine water our nutrient-dense capers are preserved the traditional way, through a artisanal process that involves them being packed into the sea salt.

Ingredients: Capers, Sicilian Sea Salt.

Capers are the world's highest source of the longevity promoting and mood enhancing phytonutrient Quercetin.

Directions: Simply soak for a few minutes or more to dissolve the salt off the capers or add straight from pack to recipes, bearing in mind you will probably not need to add any additional sea salt thereafter. The raw soaked capers are a wonderful addition to salads of all descriptions, they make a fantastic pickle or pesto and are great added at the final cooking stages to hot-pots and savoury meals of all persuasions.

Price: £27.99

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