Yukon Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

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1 tub of Yukon Pure (90 capsules: 1 month supply)

Yukon Pure® is fish oil, true to nature. Whole, pure, and unadulterated. That’s fish oil the way nature intended and that’s what you get with Yukon Pure® Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil. Unlike other fish oil brands, Yukon Pure gives you “the whole oil” with all of its nutrients, naturally high in, DHA, EPA, Vitamin D3 and astaxanthin; ours isn’t synthesized, denatured, distilled, or over-processed. Natural EPA and DHA ratios in Yukon Pure® Sockeye Salmon Oil are the same as those found naturally within the wild salmon. It is also the first fish oil supplement endorsed by the Marine Stewardship Council (www.msc.org). You want the best fish oil? Look no further.


THE DEEP ORANGE GLOW Yukon Pure® has a distinctive orange colour. It comes from astaxanthin, a powerful natural antioxidant that’s up to 100 times more potent than vitamin E at binding single oxygen free radicals. Already among the purest of ocean fish, wild Alaskan sockeye salmon also boast the highest amounts of astaxanthin. Yukon Pure® Sockeye supplements are 100 percent pure sockeye oil, free of additives or fillers of any kind.

OMEGA-3s AND MORE In addition to the Omega-3 fatty acids so important to good health, Yukon Pure® Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil contains Vitamin D3 and dozens of other naturally occurring fatty acids, carotenoids and phospholipids sacrificed in highly processed alternatives. We respect the integrity of our oil’s natural balance and the important role of these key micronutrients. We believe your body will too.

MANY BRANDS OVER-PROCESSED Many fish oils are derived from whole, uneviscerated fish, or as a low-grade by-product of rendering plants. These commodity oils require excessive processing before they’re fit for human consumption. While “molecular distillation” is often presented as beneficial, evidence (and common sense) suggests that the extremely high temperatures used may diminish the structural integrity and efficacy of the oil.

Yukon Pure® MINIMALLY PROCESSED Our freshly caught wild Alaskan sockeye salmon go right from the boat to a dedicated plant on the shores of Bristol Bay. The fish is cleaned and the oil is removed, deep-chilled, and stored in oxygen free, UV-resistant containers. It’s then transported to a licensed facility where it undergoes simple filtration before being bottled or encapsulated in pharmaceutical grade fishbased soft gels.

THE SEAL OF SUSTAINABILITY Yukon Pure® Sockeye Salmon Oil is the first fish oil supplement endorsed by the Marine Stewardship Council (www.msc.org). The MSC eco-seal certifies that our product comes exclusively from abundant wild salmon stocks, a healthy habitat, and a carefully managed fishery. It’s your guarantee that Yukon Pure® Sockeye Salmon Oil supports your own health and that of the planet.

SAFE AND EASY SOFTGELS Yukon Pure® Sockeye Salmon Oil supplements come in 1OOOmg and 500mg softgels. Our softgels originate from kosher certified fish gelatin, as opposed to bovine or porcine. Each 3000mg suggested serving provides approximately 600mg of total Omega-3 fatty acids, including 240mg of EPA and 300mg of DHA. Purity and potency are tested and certified by NSF International (nsf.org).

SAFE AND EASY SOFTGELS They improve brain and heart health, reduce inflammation, lessen Type 2 diabetes risk and are critical to prenatal health, but your body can’t produce them on its own. We’re talking about Omega-3 fatty acids. Taking Yukon Pure® Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is one of the most wholesome and reliable ways to make sure you’re getting the Omega-3s you need.

OMEGA 3 FOR MATERNAL BRAIN HEALTH They can prevent certain complications during pregnancy such a hypertension and eclampsia. They can also help prevent post-partum mood disorders which can arise when maternal reserves of Omega-3’s are sacrificed for the development of the foetal nervous system. “Omega 3 supplementation is necessary for pregnant women”. Mother and Child Foundation. Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition, London.

OMEGA 3 FOR FOETAL BRAIN DEVELOPMENT Research into foetal health and Omega 3 fatty acids has shown that 2 are very important for the developing foetus, DHA and Arachadonic Acid. (AA)

DHA is important for the growth and development of the foetus and the central nervous system. It is required to develop vision, cognitive brain functions and for the production of chemical messengers in the brain.

Arachadonic Acid is vital for certain growth parameters (weight, height, and cranium). It is quite often absent in highly processed oils as the high temperatures involved destroy it. Yukon Pure® is an excellent source of this vital oil.


Each 3-capsule (3,000 mg) serving provides these naturally occurring nutrients:† Omega-3s: About 600 mg of total omega-3 fatty acids, including approximately 240 mg of omega-3 EPA and 220 mg of omega-3 DHA Vitamin D: About 340 IU of vitamin D3 Vitamin A: About 2,060 IU of pre-formed vitamin A Astaxanthin: About 0.36 mcg††

†Nutrient levels may change slightly from year to year, in accordance with natural seasonal and geographic variations.

††Wild salmon are the only fish that provide naturally occurring astaxanthin: a potent, carotenoid-class antioxidant pigment obtained from the zooplankton they eat. Among wild salmon species, sockeye contain the highest levels of astaxanthin and vitamin D3. The astaxanthin natural to our Sockeye Salmon Oil protects it from oxidation more effectively than the weaker tocopherol antioxidants added to standard fish oils.

DOSAGE: Take 3 softgels daily, preferably with meals.

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