Silicium G5 Gel 150ml – Organic High Bioavailability

The first drinkable organic silica was obtained by Dr Loic Le Ribault in 1994 and is now produced in Spain. The natural silica present in our bodies drops over time and needs to be replenished regularly to maintain the body's natural functions. Silica helps support general health, regeneration of the skin and soft tissues (especially collagen and the elastin) and the integrity of the blood vessels. This is the topical gel version, especially suited to treat joint problems, sports injuries, cellulite, varicose veins and general muscle tiredness.

Silicium G5 Gel is generally beneficial for everyone´s health, but is excellent for those suffering with joint problems, sports-related injuries, cellulite or varicose veins or suffering tiredness. Our body´s natural supply of organic silica decreases between adulthood and elderly, although it is an essential trace element for the proper performance of our organism. It forms part of the phosphorus, magnesium and calcium metabolism. It reinforces the collagen which allows the calcium deposits in the bones. In the ossification process, silica is linked to calcium, making it essential for calcium absorption and utilization in bone. It benefits joint flexibility, cartilage regeneration, skin flexibility, and helps preserve hair and nails.

Packacking: 150 ml flexible tube.

Ingredients: Purified Water, hydroxyethylcellullose, methylsilanol (organicsilica), Citrus grandis, glycerine, silica.

Direction of use: Apply the silica gel on the affected areas 3-4 times per day or more if necessary, massaging it in lightly or applying a fine layer and leaving it to act.

Price: £24.95

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