Raw 100% Wild Peruvian Aguaje Powder (Moriche Palm Fruit powder) – 60g

60g of Wild, Raw Peruvian Aguaje Powder in amber glass by Radiant Revolutions.

The following recent testimonial is indicative of the feedback we hear from customers that write to us about our Aguaje powder: "The Aguaje powder has been the fastest acting natural estrogen booster I have ever used, within 2-3 months my booty was noticeably more voluptuous, my breasts fuller and in general I appeared curvier all over. I am sooo happy, and continue to take it militantly everyday."

60g of Pure, 100% unadulterated, wild-cultivated Aguaje (Mauritia flexuosa) powder (also known as Moriche Palm fruit), wildcrafted in Peru. Our Aguaje powder has not been heated above 45 degrees Celsius. Alongside excellent levels of phytohormones which directly mimic estrogen in our own bodies, Aguaje is also a potent superfood rich in Vitamins A, C and E. Discover South America's best kept secret used by both women and men.

Excellent alongside our very own sister Organic Pueraria Mirifica powder. Click the link to see our Pueraria Mirifica powder alongside our other products: HERE

Price: £10.69

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