Optimal Absorption Food Grown Magnesium by Wild Nutrition

Our Food-Grown® Magnesium is for all the family, providing 80mg (in two capsules) of elemental Magnesium to support energy and the nervous system for the day time. It is commonly used as a 'soothing and calming' mineral in the evening or before bedtime. It is essential for healthy mood, bones and teeth. For busy people and support during challenging times.Our Magnesium is in a highly bioavailable form meaning that mega-dosing becomes unnecessary. Magnesium is needed for a healthy nervous system, energy production and psychological function and is therefore known as 'natures tranquilliser'. It is estimated that up to 70% of western women are deficient in this key mineral.

Ingredients: Lactobacillus bulgaricus providing Magnesium, Vegetable Cellulose (capsule shell).

The Food Grown process: -Step One- We take fresh, whole food ingredients and reduce them into a concentrated paste of whole goodness. All aspects of food provide us with benefits and so we leave nothing out - pulp, zest, pips n’ all. Which food we use depends on the nutrient we wish to grow. For example, we choose citrus fruits for Vitamin C or carrot concentrate for Beta Carotene. All our starting ingredients come from sources that we know and trust. All our ingredients are stringently checked to ensure they do not contain any traces of pesticides or herbicides – in other words all but certified organic. -Step Two- Once we have our nutritious food paste, we then gently feed and enrich it with the optimum amount of added vitamins and minerals. The vitamin or mineral that we grow is cleverly attached to a naturally occurring protein (called a glycoprotein) that the food recognises and allows into its matrix – the part of the food that does all the clever metabolising. This is done very carefully and considerately, paying attention to add just the right amount, not over saturating the food. This introduction of the mineral salt occurs at the natural ‘budding’ process of the food cell when the food is at it’s most receptive. -Step Three- During this time the food metabolizes and re-natures the vitamin or mineral, binding it to its co-factors. These ‘co-factors’ (such as lipids, proteins and antioxidants SOD and beta glucans) are so closely bonded that the nutrient can no longer be divided into its separate parts, just as it would be found in a food or plant cell. This process is not forced nor heated at any stage, allowing the metabolization to occur at the same rate it would naturally and without the addition of any processing chemicals, just purified water. In fact no temperatures above 32.5 degrees Celsius are used throughout the entire Food-Grown® process, guaranteeing that the ‘co-factors’ are kept in tact. As a result our finished product is classified as ‘raw’ nutrient rich food.

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