Natural Traditional Horn Comb

100% natural, hand-carved traditional Chinese horn comb made from cow horn.

Traditional horn combs have been used for thousands of years. Just like our own hair, they are naturally made of the protein keratin and assist in strengthening, thickening and conditioning our hair. As a result of like-on-like, the keratin horn combs simply glide through the hair better, making disentangling easier, and many people notice that they make hair shinier. Unlike plastic combs, horn combs do not trap static electricity, which causes fly away hairs, but more importantly, an unbalanced electrical charge across the hair - from root to to tip, which interferes with health growth.

Each comb is approximately 15/16cms long, though exact shape and colour will vary from comb to comb. When using on wet hair, carefully dry the comb afterwards.

Care Instructions: If used on wet hair, do not leave wet, dry well after use.

Price: £11.99

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