Humic Minerals Earth Advanced Cell Life X-1 (946ml)

Just under a litre of pure, unadulterated humic acid - the original (thousand year-old) whole-food mineral supplement.

Our Humic Minerals constitute the highest quality Humic acid supplement available today. Our humic acid is sourced from an ancient, organic pristine source in New Mexico. We then extract the humic compounds using only pure, cold water. This extraction process avoids the use of chemicals, heat and pressure which can jeopardise the integrity of the humic compounds.  Our 100% humic acid solution, has a mild taste and an alkaline pH of 7.0 to 7.8. Our Humic Minerals solution contains nothing but 100% humic acid from humate extraction; there are no added sweeteners, flavors or colors of any kind.


Humic acid is a naturally occurring wide-spectrum complex of vitamins, minerals, DNA material, amino acids and many other unique compounds. In the simplest sense humic acid is the microflora-induced decomposition of ancient plants and animals into humus. Humic acid, a highly stable "vintage", can collect in the veins and and sink holes at sites all around the World. Shilajit and Mumijo are also two varieties of humic acid, and there are no doubt hundreds of local names for humic medicines around the planet. Aside from it's sheer nutritive properties and easily-absorbed wide-mineral balance, this rich brown liquid has recently gained a spotlight for its abilities to aid in the body's absorption, detoxification and immune function.

Directions: The recommended maintenance dose is 30ml a day with water, tea or fresh juice. One bottle will last 31 days.

Price: £33.99

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