Organic Wild-Crafted Pueraria Mirifica Powder (60g in amber glass jar)

60g of Organic Certified Pueraria Mirifica Powder in amber glass by Radiant Revolutions.

100g of Pure, 100% unadulterated, organically certified Pueraria Mirifica powder, wildcrafted in the mountains of Phu Kradung national park region, Northern Thailand. Unlike nearly every other powder on the market, our Pueraria Mirifica is completely free of useless fillers, namely Magnesium Stearate, which is standardly added to Pueraria Mirifica as a bulking agent. Pueraria Mirifica is the richest known source of wide-spectrum rejuvenating phytoestrogens used traditionally for hundreds, if not thousands of years, by Thai women (and to a slightly lesser extent men). By boosting the body's own supply of beneficial estrogen hormones, Pueraria Mirifica fundamentally functions as a potent youthening agent, helping to naturally restore sagging breasts, wrinkled skin, bone loss, gray hair, post-menopausal symptoms and a host of other conditions brought on by estrogenic deficiency.

Origin: Thailand

Price: £12.99

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