Sproutable Organic Egyptian Fenugreek Seeds (500g)

The first of our new range of high quality organic sprouting seeds.

Our Egyptian fenugreek seeds certified by the Soil Association are a gloriously fast-sprouting heirloom seed, effortlessly assuming that most revered role of both food and medicine. Sprouted fenugreek seeds are a wonderful addition to all manner of salads, savoury courses, vegetable ferments or eaten as a snack by themselves with a few herbs, sea salt and oil. Of course, they can also be added unsprouted into the cooking pot to impart their signature curry-esque flavour.

Origin: Egypt

To sprout:

Soak 20-50g of seeds overnight in clean water.

Strain in the morning and then rinse.

Leave straining in organic cotton bag/sieve and rinse twice a day.

Your sprouts will be ready in 2-4 days, depending on room temperature. Ready is a tad subjective, but I like them to have tails of 1 - 2 cms.

Locate to fridge when your seeds have reached their required growth.

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