Optical-Grade Pinhole Glasses (One size fits all)

Every pair of optical-grade pinhole glasses also comes with a protective case and a twelve page guidebook entitled “Everything you need to know about original pinhole glasses”.

A lot of eye focusing problems intrinsic to short or  long-sightedness are caused by weak muscles in the eye. This is especially true of the long-sightedness associated with ageing. These optical grade pinhole glasses are specifically designed to exercise the muscles in your eyes responsible for focusing and enable you to improve vision naturally.

They are constructed in a similar way to high quality sunglasses but instead of tinted lenses they use a grid of tiny holes. When you look through the pinholes it works your eyes’ focusing muscles and improves your ability to focus – just like jogging builds up your leg and heart muscles.

The benefits do not stop at your eyes, though, pinhole glasses also help reduce stress and can prevent headaches and tension.

Pinhole glasses originated in Germany during the 1890s and have helped millions of people around the world to naturally improve their eyesight.

In addition, pinhole glasses are a perfect replacement for normal sunglasses because they effectively reduce glare while still letting natural, full-spectrum light into the eyes.

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