Italian Sun-dried Microfine Green Clay (100g in Amber Glass Jar)

Italian Sun-dried Microfine Clay by Radiant Revolutions.

Extremely pure, microfine, sun-activated Green clay from the beautiful Italian island of Sicily. Suitable for both external/internal use.

Our clay is soft, smooth, pliable and creamy. It is a natural anti-aging element which protects, moulds, regenerates, stimulates and maintains youthful skin. It is rich in mineral salts and natural sea oligoelements; it is extracted from a cave near the Mediterranean sea in the deep south of Sicily, where the area is clean and unpolluted, is sunny and breezy most of the year. Our green clay absorbs stress and free radicals, leaving a silky, smooth, and supple skin.

Our Green Clay is a great skin purifier (used as a mask), internal cleanser and nourisher.

100g in amber glass jar.

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Price: £6.99

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