Wild Harvested Unpasteurised Birch Tree Juice (5 Litres)

Our raw/unpasteurised Birch tree juice (the watery sap of the Birch tree) is wild harvested from the naturally pure forests of Latvia, and is the only raw birch product available in the UK. You will find all the sensitive enzymes, antioxidants and minerals in a pristine, vital state. Compared to the nutritionally degraded birch juices on the market, all of which have been heat treated and pasteurised, a quick search will show the excellent value for money that our really raw birch tree juice is. Comes in 5 litre volume "easy-pour" boxes.

Birch sap is a health elixir. It is the sap that awakens the birch tree to a new spring, new growth. Birch sap is a genuine, pure natural product, which flows through the birch tree in spring from root to tip. Birch sap embodies Nature’s own renewable energy cycle. The sap is living water, a fortifying bevarage whose every component also performs an important beneficial function in the human body. Birch sap contains beneficial sugars, fruit acids, vitamins C and B, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, sodium and iron — to name but a few! Regular consumption of birch sap renders a cleansing, nutritive and tonic action. Birch sap is traditionally taken at for chronic fatigue, physical debility, allergic diseases, kidney and bladder stones, gout scrofula, poor circulation and anemia.Above all, birch sap possesses recycling capabilities and stimulates metabolism, it is also a hydrating and very refreshening drink.Birch sap is rich in nicotinic, apple and glutaminic organic acids. Due to these components, birch sap possesses good tonic cosmetic properties. Made from 100% Wild Harvested Birch Tree Sap/Juice, and nothing else. This is raw, unpasteurised product that will last 8 days from fresh in the refrigerator, or for 6 months in a frozen state.

Price: £28.89

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