Oystermax – Organic Zinc & Mineral Supplement – 120 Caps

Oystermax: Completely Natural Zinc & Trace Oyster Extract Supplement - 120 Caps.

OysterMax is a completely natural Zinc and micronutrient complex of trace elements, vitamins & omega oils in a bioactive, amino acid matrix. OysterMax oyster extract is naturally rich in Zinc to improve skin, hair & nails, boost energy, immunity and increase libido in men and women. Each bottle contains the concentrated extract of over 60 high quality natural, non-GMO oysters, grown in pollution-free waters on Ireland’s Atlantic shores. Oystermax contains 59 trace elements, 12 vitamins, 19 amino acids including taurine and the essential fish oils EPA and DHA. OysterMax is produced at times of the year when Zinc potency is at its highest. Unlike other oyster extracts. Zinc is responsible for over 200 enzyme reactions in the body. It is the most widely needed trace element in human biochemistry.

Bottle contains 120 Capsules, which is a normal 1 month supply.

DOSAGE: For best results we recommend you take 4 capsules each morning before food with a glass of water. NOT IRRADIATED

7 Reasons to Choose OysterMax® Oyster Extract.

1. OysterMax® Oyster Extract is a micro nutrient complex of natural trace metals, free amino acids and other essential nutrients. It is far more concentrated than any other oyster extract on the market today. We achieve this by carefully selecting the location of our oysters, by harvesting them only at specific times of the year, and by using our proprietary process to extract and concentrate all of the essential nutrients.

2. OysterMax® Oyster Extract is the only product we know of that contains each and every one of the 59 trace elements found in the human body present in significant bio available quantities. It is these same trace elements and minerals that regulate the body’s biochemistry and that are responsible for much of our physiological and psychological health.

3. OysterMax® Oyster Extract is sourced only from carefully-selected oysters grown in the clean, unpolluted Atlantic waters of the West of Ireland. These waters are constantly monitored by the Irish Department of the Marine. The quality of the waters in which oysters grow is important as, being filter feeders, they can become contaminated in the more polluted and less monitored environments from which some other oyster extracts are derived.

4. OysterMax® Oyster Extract is prepared at our dedicated production facility in Ireland, which is approved and monitored by Irish and EU authorities and which conforms to all relevant national and EU directives. All of our product claims are backed by research, as per EU regulations.

5. Unlike most other oyster extracts, OysterMax® is not prepared using a freeze-dried process. Instead we use a proprietary process that does not damage or destroy any of the essential nutrients and minerals.

6. While other oyster extracts largely consist of glycogen starch, the proprietary process we use to create OysterMax® removes the glycogen leaving a pure extract of only the active and beneficial ingredients.

7. OysterMax® Oyster Extract is by far the best value as each bottle contains the extracted nutrients from 60 large oysters. Compare our price with buying 60 oysters from your local supermarket.

Price: £29.99

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