Icelandic Super Skin Nutrition – Coconut, Chlorella & Lime (600g)

Introducing an exciting range of skin care products from one of the World's purest destinations, Iceland.

Super Skin Nutrition products are completely natural body scrubs that not only clean, exfoliate and clarify your skin, they also moisturise and nourish the skin all at the same application. They are designed for daily or regular use and are handmade in Iceland from an exclusive recipe of high quality oils, pristine salts, and succulent superfoods.

Enjoy the deep cleansing and healing properties of Coconut Oil, Chlorella, Untouched Icelandic Sea salt, MSM and essential oil of lime.

This is a nutritious mix that strengthens and deeply cleanses the skin. The chlorella is exceptionally healing and cleansing on the skin, also working via a complex of powerful antioxidants which absorb heavy metals and toxins. MSM improves complexion and balances skin tone, whilst improving skin elasticity and radiance. Chlorella and MSM work wonderfully well with the coconut and lime essential oil making this body scrub a true superfood for the skin.

Stand in the shower and scrub in a circular motion over the body (be much more gentle on the face) on dry or slightly wet skin. A little stirring is needed before use. It's good to use a spoon and put a little bit on at a time in the palm of your hand and scrub. Rinse with water and do not use any soap as it will destroy the oils. The mixture itself has antibacterial and antifungal properties. You will feel very relaxed upon completion.

Pure Icelandic seasalt, Magnesium sulfate, virgin cold pressed coconut oil*, Icelandic birch infused olive oil*, Chlorella*, Citrus limon, Sodium bicarbonate, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).
*Certified Organic
Weight of contents (not including glass jar): 600g

Price: £27.99

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