Herbal Ayurvedic Tooth Powder by Vicco (200g)

A highly effective natural ayurvedic tooth powder. The pure extracts of 20 revered  Ayurvedic herbs and barks, tested over generations, have been blended into a potent combination that not only cleans teeth and removes old stains, but also protects, strengthens and invigorates your gums. For best results, mix a small amount into water or some herbal tea liquid and massage into the gums, let sit for a few minutes and then brush your teeth as you would with toothpaste or tooth-soap. Rinse with plain water, mild salt water or Bone Support ionic mineral supplement.

Vicco tooth powder helps prevent tooth decay and cures pyorrhoea, swollen gums, bleeding gums and inflammation of gums.

Ingredients:  Wild Acacia Bark, Jambul Bark, Cloves, Bengal Madder, Cinnamon, Jujube Fruit Bark, Vajradanti, Walnut Bark, Catechu Bark, Sappan Wood, Pellitory, Indian Medlar Bark, Indian Liquorice Root, Cubeb, Indian Sarsaparilla, Bishop's Weed Flower, Aleppo Oak Gall, Triphala (Yellow Myrobalan, Amla, Beleric), Alum, Salt and Excipients

Price: £9.99

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