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Kylie Tips 4: Behind the Scenes on Fish Oil


Welcome to the launch of Kylie Tips, my new blog where I will be featuring a host of exciting bite-size vitality posts, all based around the areas of nutrition, fitness, longevity and natural beauty. Some of them are based on questions I often receive, whilst others are things I personally recommend and practice, eye-opening ideas you will want to know about.


Fish oil probably represents the number one most purchased health supplement in the world. But over 99% of fish oil supplements on the market are not exactly what they’ve been cracked up to be. You see, the vast majority of fish oils are heavily refined and treated at high temperatures. Through a series of processes like bleaching, degumming, deodorisation, heat distillation and solvent extraction a host of essential components within the oil are destroyed or impaired. Most famously Vitamins A and D3 are obliterated. As a token gesture to compensate, synthetic “versions” of these vitamins – not nearly as well absorbed or recognised as their natural counterparts – are secretly added back into the oil, as if it were there all along. Choose natural, unrefined oils. If Vitamins A or D are listed amongst the ingredients of your fish oil, you know those are synthetic additives added after the fish oil has been through a good deal of degradation.

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