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Kylie Tips 2: Lemon the Grime Buster


Welcome to the launch of Kylie Tips, my new blog where I will be featuring a host of exciting bite-size vitality bolts, all based around the areas of nutrition, fitness, longevity and natural beauty. Some of them are based on questions I often receive, whilst others are things I personally recommend and practice, eye-opening ideas you will want to know about.


Did you know that lemons are exceptionally good at cleaning the skin and the nails, they beat most soaps hands down. Many people have just got used to the grime that covers their whole body, including the nails on their hands and feet. Let us call this grime a product of living in the 21st century. Anyway, to remove this build-up, cut a lemon into quarters and gently rub and squeeze the juice into your skin. Do the soles of the feet, the neck and chest, the hands, the legs, behind the ears, you can do everywhere, and watch your skin complexion and cleanliness improve right before your eyes. Likewise, to do your nails (which do stain remarkably easily) rub the lemon juice on, leave 5-10 minutes and wash off. Much better. For more stubborn grime, simply repeat. The only “watch out”, would be on the face, where I recommend you water the lemon juice down a tad before applying and then quickly rinsing.


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