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The 5 Foods Every Vegan Should Eat

As a nutritionist I hold a relatively free rein when it comes to what foods I recommend at the buffet. In the same way that a specific food is made up of a rich complex of interesting components, so too is an overall diet made up of an astonishing consortium of factors. Without knowing what […]

Are your herbs and superfoods actually working for you?

Certain fresh-harvested ingredients require very little in the way of pre-preparation before we consume them. A juicy mango, a young tender hawthorn leaf, a glass of spring birch sap, a teaspoon of raw honey, a ripe avocado, a warm suckle of mother’s milk (to name a short few) are all unmistakably “good to go”, just […]

Bee Bread & The Truth About Bee Pollen!

Did you know that bees don’t really eat bee pollen? When I discovered that bees don’t actually eat pollen, I was taken aback. But what I discovered instead was even more amazing. In this photographic article you will learn why bees do not eat bee pollen and how this might affect you. There are two […]

Towards A New Philosophy of Nutrition

Some of my clients voice their initial surprise. “So, will you be sending me a complete list of all the foods I can eat?” “Nope”, I reply, “just some good suggestions”. “Hm, but my last nutritionist gave me four pages of all my good and bad foods” exclaimed one female client”. “Oh, they did?” I […]

Esoteric Nutrition

Written for the blog, Sept 2013. An article by Kyle Vialli. Over the last 150 years we have accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding the bioactive components of food: the essential and ‘conditionally essential’ macro and micro nutrients that permeate food. Ironically, despite this growing inventory, confusion around diet seems to have magnified many fold. Even many of the university students of […]

You Are What You Assimilate!

Printed in the International Lifestyle Magazine, March 2013. An article by Kyle Vialli.

The Missing Link within Your Own Back Yard

Printed in Fresh Magazine, 2011. An article by Kyle Vialli. Various spokespersons throughout the millennia have made delightfully profound correspondences between the habitual practices of man and the social health and vitality of his existence. Austrian Scientist, Viktor Schauberger drew a powerful relationship between the way in which we store, treat and transport our most precious […]

What Your Dentist Doesn’t Want You To Know!

Printed in the International Lifestyle Magazine, 2012. An article by Kyle Vialli.

What you Oughta Know About Water by Kyle Vialli

Printed in Wellbeing Magazine, 2011. H20, we all drink it. We all know to consume 6-8 glasses of it a day. The question is, how many of us really understand how to differentiate good optimal water from nasty devitalising water? In general, understanding of our most precious commodity is still in its infancy. Everyone and […]