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Kyle Vialli B.Y.S.A, B.A (First Class) is an internationally acclaimed Vitality coach and Nutritionist. His specialty is a wide-spectrum understanding of the science of vitality with special focus on nutrition and the preeminence of the mind. A passionate independent researcher for all things youthening and beautifying, Kyle’s natural passions are further nourished by his studies in philosophy, media, culture and the sciences.


Kyle has written numerous articles for wellness-minded magazines, has been interviewed for Channel 4, Russia Today and Icelandic Television, National and European radio and a variety of online radio stations. Kyle is currently writing his flagship book on the universal principles of nutrition entitled What In The World Am I Supposed To Eat?

Kyle has helped 1000’s of people attain increased levels of vitality and clarity during one-on-one consultations and lectures and workshops throughout Europe and Australia. Daily he continues to hone his understanding of the species, not just in regards to what can go wrong with it through disorder and disease, but by what can go “right with it” through the horizons of human potential and possibility.